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Financial Analysis 2.0

Financial analysis of public companies involves reading through their quarterly and annual reports.  Since these reports are filed by the companies, there is a large amount of trust necessary to believe the information in these reports is correct.  Despite the laws in place requiring truth and transparency, some information will always be asymmetrically held by insiders and upper management.

In contrast, all information related to cryptographic protocols is public by nature.  Transparency is built-in through code.  All variables, cash flows, and ratios are available to be calculated at any given second.

Although block explorers exist, they are crude and unintuitive, the text editors of blockchain analysis.  Some protocols even have “dashboards” of data accessible publicly to users. What’s needed is a new generation of graphical interfaces that show the entire functioning of a protocol at any given time at a glance.

This project lies at the nexus of financial analysis, smart contract programming, data visualization, and user interface design.

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